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Lynangel's Vacation Sites

Hi and welcome to my newest site. I'm going to
add several pages here as usual, mostly about some of my great vacations
that I've been on during the years, along with some great pics.

I've been re-organizing my home page here to make it
easier for you to navigate my many pages and sites

Our first cruise was taken in January of 1988 on the Dolphin IV.
It was a very small ship but had yummy food and great people working on it.
We sailed from Miami to Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. Had a
super time and met lots of nice people.

Our Dolphin cruise in 1988

Then we took a trip to Tahoe, Virginia City and San Francisco in 1988.
Fascinating! Then it was on to Sacramento to visit with family.

Tahoe and San Francisco

Then we took a trip with State Farm to Maui, Hawaii in April 1989.

Hawaii in 1989

Next was our State Farm convention trip to Dallas Texas,
with many stops along the way.

Tulsa, Dallas and Memphis in August 1989

This time it was off to the Western Carribbean to Ocho Rios,
Jamaica; then the Cayman Islands, then to Cozumel, Playa De Carmen and Cancun.

Our Western Carribbean cruise in 1991

In 1992 we went on a cruise with Keith and Eleanor Riker
some State Farm friends of ours. Had a great time!

Cruising in 92

This page I've done is on the anniversary cruise
taken in January 1999 with my parents. We were celebrating their
50th which was coming in December of that year.

Cruising in '99

We took an extended vacation in the summer of 99.
We went to North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Canada, New York
City, Washington DC and then back through North Carolina,
then on home to Florida. It was a wonderful trip.
Below you'll find some pictures from New York City. Enjoy!

Visiting Along the Way

Canada & Niagra

New York New York

Washington DC 1999

Biltmore 1999

Below is the link to the cruise pics we took in January of
2000. We visited San Juan, St. Croix and St. Thomas! Even
got to tour an old sugar plantation and a rum factory.

Cruising in 2000

In August of 2000, we visited DC again, this time with
my parents who had never been there before. It was a hit!

DC in 2000

Then it's off to Las Vegas in October of 2000. It was an
enjoyable trip even if we didn't go home loaded with money.
We did get to see our son Shane while there so that made the trip worthwhile.

Vegas 2000

Then in March of 2002 we flew into Vegas and drove
over to Barstow, California to visit with my son Shane.
It was sure great seeing him.

Barstow in March 2002

We had to make an emergency trip to Barstow in July 2002.
Shane's father had a severe heart attack and
was taken by copter to LA, so it was on to LA for us.

Of course we had to get some pics of Las Vegas.
Bob and I had been there before but Teresa never had.
It was quite an experience for us. I think she
lost her heart to Vegas. Her links have been removed.

The music on this site is for your listening pleasure
only and is not available for download. If I'm infringing
on anyone's copyright, please advise and I will remove immediately.

I always try to give the proper credit for all graphics, poetry, etc.
on all of my webpages. If I've missed anyone, my sincerest
apologies to you and if you would be so kind as to
e-mail me, I would promtly see that you receive the credit due
or remove the item, whichever you'd prefer. Of course,
I'm hoping you will graciously allow me to use them .
Thank you and God Bless

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